Southwestern Breakfast Platter

  • anon
    07/06/2019, 18:43

    how many calories in this?

    • Robins Mathew
      25/07/2019, 13:38


      1335 Calories.

  • daffy
    05/08/2019, 08:47

    how can i order online?

    • Robins Mathew
      05/08/2019, 20:26

      We are available on Careem, Hunger station, etc. And you can place an order through them.

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Southwestern Breakfast Platter

Flour tortilla stacks stuffed with marinara sauce and mixed cheese grilled to perfection, topped with two sunny-side up eggs, with cheese blends and spring onions, served with Pico de Gallo, sour cream, Hash brown (fried or sautéed), Breakfast toast & Jam.

1335 Calories
26 SAR