World’s Greatest Hamburgers

Today, Fuddruckers stands as a shrine to the Burger Arts–and the only place in the world where you can find the “Worlds Greatest Hamburgers”. In facts, a CitySearch™ poll has called Fuddruckers “American’s Best” in cities across the USA.


“It’s either fresh or fresh!” that’s how our bakery is! fresh from the oven.. & straight to your dish. At Fudds all of our baked goods are home made, hand rolled, and baked to order, take a whiff of our bread and you will know what we are talking about.


We take our meat very seriously, all our beef comes from the most prestigious ranches. To ensure the highest quality, freshness, consistency and a 100% Islamic compliance, AFS established a special business unit to monitor and deliver our beef from reputable sources.


Here we use another word for fresh, we use the word “Vegetables”! So whether it’s a salad or an ingredient, we make sure that you taste the freshness and inhale the farm breeze as you taste it. At Fudds, “If it ain’t Crunch, it ain’t Lunch“.

Welcome to Fuddruckers

Back in 1980, a simple Texan began a singular quest. He searched high and low seeking the best that a hamburger could be. He hungered for perfection in an imperfect world. All he found were warmed-over compromises between bland slices of bread. The burger culture had sullied an American Institution.